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One of These 6 Cloud Computing Projects Might be the Place to Start Featured

One of These 6 Cloud Computing Projects Might be the Place to Start "Relay runner"

Due to technological advancements, many industries are actively implementing cloud computing applications to enhance their operations. Cloud computing has become one of the most famous and in-demand technologies, improving operations and reducing costs. With the increased dependence on data for decision-making, cloud computing avails computer systems resources like computing power and storage necessary for handling vast data volumes coming from different sources in different formats. As you think of deploying cloud, one of these six cloud computing projects might be the best place to start your journey.

  1. Cloud-based bookstore

Many people love reading, and you can offer them a place to find their favourite books by coming up with an online store. This is an application that categorizes different books online for the user. The application arranges books according to the author, cost, title, and genre, among others. The reader can access the website, choose an online book, and pay electronically. Users can also inquire about the availability of certain books. You may need skills in inventory management and familiarity with programming languages like Python, C# or SQL to develop such a project.

  1. Data leaks detection project

The sole purpose of this project is to prevent data leaks associated with SQL injection and improve the security of databases. This system may be run online without any system as long as there is stable internet consumption. This project improves data security by preventing SQL injection and hacking using encryption. The project uses several encryption techniques to encrypt data in the cloud and store it in AES encryption format.

  1. Chatbots

The advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation mean that most work can be done by machines in modern organizations. A chatbot is one of the AI software that can help in many ways, such as replying to queries initiated by human users. Chatbots can answer human questions when users visit sites such as e-commerce websites. Since they are useful in e-commerce and other websites, this project can be one of the most successful projects you can think about. 

  1. Smart Traffic Management

Smart traffic management leverages the capacity of cloud computing to reduce the waiting time of vehicles and minimize traffic using wireless sensors, communication technologies and other smart technologies. With the advances in cloud technologies, you can develop an application that replicates the movement of any vehicle, such as cars, trucks, scooters and other vehicles, to monitor real-time traffic. The application will calculate the quickest route and time for a vehicle and allow them to use an alternative route to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

  1. Shipping management system

Ecommerce is now one of the most attractive businesses in the world. With its growth, the supply chain and shipping have also grown tremendously as customer demands increase. Shipping and e-commerce companies such as FedEx, DHL, eBay and Amazon have had to grow their delivery and shipping approaches to meet customer demands. This presents an opportunity for others to develop applications to ease the movement of products. By taking advantage of the cloud, you can develop a cloud computing project to help manage shipping functions and enhance capabilities. A Software-as-a-service solution based on Microsoft using SQL server and .Net can be deployed to automate shipping processes and monitor everything in the supply chain.

  1. Online automation of a university or college

Cloud computing projects can also serve the educational sector. They can be used to gather data about campus faculty, students and employees. A portal is developed where students can log in or register by entering their credentials. The cloud computing project for a college or learning institution eases things for students, workers, faculty, or divisions. Students can search and check their details or book services regardless of where they are. This is a cheaper and time-saving alternative.  

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